Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Purpose for Starting this Blog

1. I want to build a community of women where we can support each other. Being a stay at home mom for some time now, I realize how bad we make each other feel. We lie about little things like how much T.V. our kids watch, that they never eat food off of the floor, or that we've never just thrown a towel over a midnight potty accident, in tired desperation, and told them to go back to bed. We lie about bigger things, like how perfect our lives are, our marriages, our houses, our vacations. I want this to be a no judgement zone where we share our motherly triumphs and are humble enough to get help from others when things aren't working.

2. I have this radical idea that women are people. I want moms to realized that we are more than "just moms" and we do more than "just stay at home with our kids". We are intelligent, sexy, thinking, feeling people. I want to have conversations on this blog about other topics, that have nothing to do with child-rearing, housekeeping and being a wife. We can think beyond these topics. I'm going to do this by posting articles or thoughts that I might have about different issues. We can hopefully talk about them and who knows maybe we'll solve world peace!

3. My family is very racially and culturally diverse. I know that there are other families out there like ours. I want to talk about issues my kids face being bi-racial and have an open forum where issues of race can be respectfully talked about. I want to de-bunk the myths and teach, so that ignorance of another culture will no longer be an excuse.  

4. One of my biggest hopes is that women become empowered  through the posts that I write. I hope that every women finds her light and realizes the power that she holds from just simply being a women. We are amazing creature that bring a unique set of skills to this planet and I hope that this blog gives women a place to come to find inspiration. Most of all I want this to be a place of sharing and laughter. A blog that you can go to and learn something new. A safe place to ask questions and a place of growth for all people. A place where we can come together to recharge and then go out into the world and share our light.

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