Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's for Dinner?

Shepard's Pie

One thing I do love to do is cook. Cooking around here isn't a small feat. I'm a vegetarian with a gluten allergy and my husband has to have meat in his dinners. So, when I cook, I'm usually making two dishes and it's all about the leftovers when you're busy! Take an hour or so on a weekend and make enough to last you the week or at least until Wednesday or Thursday.  Then you're only cooking once or twice a week then everyone is happy! This is a yummy one and perfect for the cooler weather. Feel free to substitute with what you have or for your own specific dietary needs. One thing you have to do is trust yourself! Women have great intuition, that we too often ignore it . Don't be so concerned with following the directions. Smell the food, taste it, look at it. What do you think it needs?    

Shopping List-
I used squash but use whatever other veggies you like: peas, kale, beans, corn, green beans etc.
Ground Beef or turkey - if you're a meat eater!
Cheddar Cheese
Olive Oil
Tomato Paste
Salt, pepper, cumin, garlic salt 

First cut up about a pound of potatoes. 
I use red potatoes that way you don't have to peel them!

Put the Potatoes in a pot and boil until tender.
Then, add some butter, milk, salt, pepper and mash them up.
This will be the top layer.


Make a mirepoix - fancy word for a mix of celery, carrots and onion, sauteed.
This is the beginning of the bottom layer.

Put your kids to work peeling, while you chop.

Put the mix into a pot. One is vegetarian and one is meat.

Once that is sauteed. Add meat, spices, other veggies, a bit of water and some tomato paste.
Mix it around until it is a nice mashed consistency, like the potatoes, then put it into the pan.

Plop the mashed potatoes on top of the veggie/meat mixture then stick it into the
oven until the top is brownish.

 Pull it out, throw some cheese on top and put it back in until it's melted.

And voila! Deliciousness is served!

Disclaimer: Please do not believe that either of my children were behaving during the making of this dinner!
Miss thang er, Kaya was explaining to me how much cleaner her desk is compared to her friends and was demanding that I "look" so she could show me exactly where her things were placed in her desk in comparison to her friends.

While Malik......
Managed to empty out all of his little hot wheels cars onto the kitchen floor and was "vrumming" them from one end to the other. So I danced around those while cooking dinner.

And that ladies is how we make dinner!

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