Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Don't Judge

Please do not judge the woman you may or may not have seen at the pediatricians office last week. Yes, I'm sure she knew that her three year old peed his pants and yes she did let him walk around in pee pants. I'm just putting it out there that you shouldn't judge her or think her as a bad mom. It is possible that she was just having one of those days or it is possible that the three year old was sleeping when it was time to leave for the appointment and so the woman had to carry the three year old out to the car and it is possible that she slipped on a shoe while walking out to the car and fell onto her left knee (but still managed to not wake the three year old) and it is also possible that the three year old hadn't had an accident in a VERY long time so she hadn't thought to pack extra clothes or maybe it was also a fact that the woman lives 20+ minutes away and didn't have time to run home once she discovered the three year old had peed.

So moral of the story is, sometimes you never know what has happened in a person's day leading up to pee pants and crazy stares are the *last* thing that the person may needs. They already feel like the dear cat below and your stares, well it just makes it worse. So next time try smiling and saying something like, "one of those days, huh?!, we all have them!"

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