Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Bath Salts and Body Scrub, and How to Bathe when You're a Mom

If there is one thing I know for sure, it's that a good hot bath can soak away almost anything. I am a huge fan of baths, mostly baths with a good amount of Epsom salt and essential oils. I am actually obsessed with  Epsom salt at the moment. It is hugely beneficial in helping with ailments ranging from aiding in detoxing the body, reducing swelling, helping with aches and pains, skin exfoliation, and it can even draw out a splinter! You can Google "Epsom salt" and read lists and lists of the benefits of this stuff. I get mine at Costco, you get quite the bang for your buck there. Then I infuse the salt with different essential oils, depending on what I'm feeling that day. You can get essential oils at any co-op or healthish type store and even on-line (Amazon). My favorite way to use Epsom is as bath salts or as a body/face scrub. Here is how I make mine.

I store the salt in this outstanding jar that I found at a thrift store. There's just something about retrieving the salt from this jar that seems luxurious.

For a body/face scrub (which I did here) put about a fourth cup of salts into a dish.
For a bath put two cups of salt in the bathtub.

Add 5-10 drops (each) of the oils that you want to use - depending on how strong you like it. I would recommend starting out with less then add more if you prefer it stronger.
Here I did sweet orange and peppermint 
which is a great energizing combo of smells.

 Mix those babies all together!
Add directly to the bath water or use directly on skin as a salt scrub.

And poof! Great smelling, good for you, cost effective, bath salts or body scrub in minutes.
Now go on with your bath self!
You deserve it!

A side note: to get the full enjoyment out of the bath try to adhere to the following rules.
1. No thinking about mom/wife stuff while in the bath.
2. Turn on some good music, white noise or heck, see what silence sounds like!
3. Let everyone know that you are having time to yourself so that you are not bothered.
4. Don't start looking around your bathroom and think about all of the cleaning that needs to be done.
5.  Do feel guiltless about taking a moment for yourself and do remind yourself of all the things that you are doing right as a human. The reality is, you're probably pretty awesome.

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