Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't Judge.....

Don't judge the woman you may or may not have seen at a pharmacy today. You know, kids really can do and say the craziest things. Although her children wouldn't keep their hands to themselves and her three year old kept running off and then she kept sending her seven year old after the three year old, so that she wouldn't lose her place in line, I'm sure that her kids are usually much better behaved. And I'm sure she's a bit embarrassed that upon picking up the three year old, in an attempt to keep him in one place, he began to violently pull and push her cheeks together and then pulled out her shirt and yelled "Hey mom, I see your boobs, you have two of them!" And I'm sure that it was equally embarrassing when the seven year old chimed in, "Mom what shirt are you wearing? Are you wearing a pajama shirt? Why the heck are you wearing a pajama shirt?!"  By this time she had broken a sweat and she wasn't really wearing a pajama shirt it was just an old gray v-neck, nothing special. And I am most positive that she didn't mean to raise her voice at the older lady behind her but, when the old lady suggested that maybe she could come back at a later time by herself, she was really just at her wits end and had been waiting in the pharmacy line for a while. And she most definitely later regretted yelling back, "NO! I can't come later! I'm out of birth control. I need to take my pill tonight. I need my birth control, can't you see I need my birth control?! I can barely handle these two! So NO, I'm not coming back later. I'm waiting right here!"


  1. Just another day in paradise right;)

  2. Another day in paradise, indeed! You know, it never fails that you have a moment like this one with your kids and you're ready to sell them. Then they do something so ridiculously sweet that you feel like a jerk for ever being frustrated with them in the first place. Oh the life of a mom....