Friday, January 20, 2012

No Make-up

In starting this blog, I want to empower other moms. I want to help others see the good in themselves that already exists. I would love it if, women as a whole, would embrace their natural selves. I also have a daughter, so I think that teaching these principles to her at a young age is also very important. I think so many young girls these days lack self confidence. They see all of these Hollywood figures and grow up from a young age thinking that those women are the ideals in our society. I try to instill the importance of internal kindness and beauty with my daughter. I also stress natural beauty, that you don't need to wear make-up or fancy clothes or have anything extra on your being to be beautiful. Because at the end of the day, if you're a horrible person, the make-up doesn't hide that. You're just a horrible person with a lot of make-up on. I think, as a parents, it is also very important to practice what you preach. I'm not going to say that I don't wear make-up, because I do sometimes, but I think that if I want my daughter to be comfortable in her own skin, then I should probably be comfortable in mine. Kids are born with these great bull shit detectors, they can tell when you're lying and they can see when your words don't match up with how you actually live your life. It's important to me that my words and actions match up. I encourage you to embrace your natural self and be amazed, not annoyed, by all of your body quirks.

First ever picture taken and posted without make up. 
Crazy that this is even a thing I think/worry about!

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