Friday, February 24, 2012

The Crazy Bird Lady

We have bird feeders set up in our backyard during the summertime. I usually stop putting seed in them when it gets cold. But....the other day I was driving by Zamzows and the reader board said, "Don't forget to put birdseed out for the winter birds!" (or something to that effect) I then thought, that's a *great* idea! So we put out seed for the birds and they came - a lot of them came. And now I feed them all the time and I sit and watch them and take pictures of them and I even video record them. I think this is where I say, you know you're getting old when you are amused by bird watching. To my defense - there is definitely something soothing about watching and listening to something as simple as birds.

Look at all of them!

My Favorite Picture of the Morning Bird Watching Adventures

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