Friday, February 10, 2012

I Was Here

I have this great professor that always says, "are you writing upon the world or is the world writing upon you?" The first time I heard this comment it struck me and has stayed with me. The more I think about it, the more it's become a question that I ask myself frequently. Am I choosing my life or am I living it because of other people's ideas and standards? Am I changing my corner of the world for the better, or am I just sitting back and letting life pass me by? As mom's and especially as women, there is this constant pressure to be "perfect" whatever "perfect" is I'm still not sure, but I see so many people striving for it. The constant wanting of more. Bigger houses, bigger cars, a bigger life and it continues. It is hard, really hard, to not get caught up in it all. For me, I've decided that this year I am going to focus on being content. Focus on what and who is in my life currently and be present for those people and those things. I want to refuse the urge to add more unnecessary factors into my life and just enjoy and be happy with, what it is that I already have. I saw this video on YouTube the other day and aside from the fact that I do love me some Beyonce, I think that the lyrics to this song are powerful. It's not about being or doing something grand or large scale. It's about, are you the kind of person that is positive in people's lives? Be it your kids, your family, your friends, your co-workers or the guy with a sign, standing on the street corner. It's about, are you living without regrets? When you're laying there, in your last days - are you going to wish that you had cleaned your house more, that you were skinner, had a bigger house, worried more, or drove a different car? Or are you going to wish that you had slowed down a bit, exposed yourself to different places, spent more quality time with your kids, really followed your dreams, loved harder, stopped the constant wanting for more and took opportunities to appreciate the little things in life? Are you writing upon the world or is the world writing upon you? And when you leave this world, will you have left it a little better because you were here?


  1. Hey Rach!! Welcome to the blogging world, kind of fun huh? Umm your family is adorable and I want to spank your cute kids!! In a not creepy sorta way, ya know!! Thank you so much for the love about my pops, super hard but we'll get thru it:D I'm sooo excited about your blog, I've been blogging since I want to say 2007 or 8 you're going to love looking back and reading what you posted about. It's the best journaling and the 'mom club' can support each other. I loved this post, isn't that the frickn' truth!! I'm always telling Maddox, you can be an athlete, a chess guru, or play the bloody trumpet for all I care. Be who you want to be and be the best at it, love who you are and live life to the fullest. xo

  2. Thank you lady! I'm a bit fond of the wee ones myself :) Glad you like the blog and I'm excited to get into it more!