Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mamba Village Mombasa, Kenya

While we were at the coast, we visited a crocodile farm called Mamba Village. It was a really cool experience to see and learn so much about crocodiles but I also have concluded that crocodiles could quite possibly be the weirdest looking creatures I've ever come across.


 You had to walk through all of this foliage to get down to where they kept the crocodiles.

 Crocodiles don't have pores in their skin so when they are hot, they open their mouths for ventilation.

 There were three main areas that housed crocodiles of different ages. 
The ones above were teenagers from 3-10 years of age.

 Same species of crocodiles but they come in different colors!

 We all got to hold a baby crocodile. Just when I thought that they were taking it away, they started laughing and then I felt the thing on my head!!!

 Mark and Malik participated in holding a python, Kaya and I declined the offer. 

 Feeding time!

 This guy was called "Big Daddy" he had been around since Mark came there as a kid, he was 102 years old. Some can live to be 200. I couldn't believe that the guy that was soooo small on my head turns out to be this huge!

Good times. Good memories.


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