Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Trip to Kenya

Pictures from our trip. I do have to warn that even the greatest picture could never possibly encapsulate the beauty and character of this place. Enjoy!


The first week we went to the coast to a town called Mombasa. My dad was poking fun at the fact that we took a vacation on our vacation but you only live once so what the heck!


 There were shows every night after dinner. The acrobats were a favorite.

 Malik found a crab on our way back to our room one night.

 This one is sideways...turn your head to the left. 
I wanted to show how big the plants are in comparison to my peoples. 


I like to take pictures of my feet on the earth of the particular place that I'm at 
so I can remember being right there.


 When the tide comes in, the water would be over my head up to the rocks.

 The moon was this brilliant orange red one night. This picture does not do it any justice!


 If you are ever in a place where they have passion fruits. Eat as many as possible. They are heaven!

Camel rides for all!

We all go to bed under the same moon.

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