Thursday, August 23, 2012

Good Face

I'm a big fan of all things natural and I am endlessly fascinated by the capacity that the plants of this planet have to heal us. I dabble a bit in making my own tinctures and potions and I do endless research about herbs and their healing properties. I'm also blessed to have a good friend who is essentially the bible of all things herb so she teaches me a lot. The other day I decided to make my own facial astringent using well know components to help balance skin out. It was quite simple actually and works quite well. Here is some individual information about the ingredients. I would recommend going organic on these if you can, the cost difference is slight but the purity is so much better.

*Rosemary - antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties to name a few.

*Chamomile - calming, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-allergenic.

*Apple Cider Vinegar - improves blood circulation to the skin and delivers oxygen, helps with toning, maintaining elasticity, purifying and it naturally balances the pH level of the skin.

 You take your rosemary and put it into a container

 Two bags of chamomile tea

 Put the bags in with the rosemary and then add hot water to the top of the jar. Let that sit overnight or until it cools down. This draws the nutrients from the tea and rosemary into the water.

 In an 8 ounce container add 3-4 ounces, a 1:1 ratio or a bit less, depending on how strong you want it. Then fill the rest of the container with the rosemary and chamomile water and then shake it up.

 And now you have your very own homemade facial astringent that works and you actually know what's in it. Here's to good face!

*You will probably have leftover rosemary chamomile water, you can make another container of astringent or take out the rosemary stems and use the water for cooking. The vinegar preserves the astringent so don't worry about it going bad. I've had mine for six months in my bathroom drawer and it still works great.*

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