Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My New Mantra

I'm reading this book called A Woman's Worth by Marianne Williamson. It is a book that every woman should indeed read. I came across this quote yesterday and I want to share it. I hope that this strikes you as much as it did me. She wrote, "Feminine beauty is not a function of clothes or hair or makeup, although billions of dollars are spent in this country each year by women who have been convinced by the advertising industry that it is. Beauty is an internal light, a spiritual radiance that all women have but which most women hide, unconsciously denying its existence". So ladies, my new mantra is: my beauty is the light inside me. When I had a stain on my shirt yesterday that was hardly visible, instead of changing it I told myself, my beauty is the light inside me. When I needed to run to the store and had the inclination to put some cover up under my eyes, I told myself, my beauty is the light inside me. When my hair was frizzy instead of curly this morning I put it into a ponytail and reminded myself that, my beauty is the light inside me. My beauty will no longer be defined because I adhere to the current standards of physical beauty, as Williamson put it, it will be defined by the light that is within me. The light that gets brighter as I continue to nurture and get to know myself and my needs better. As women and as mothers, it is very easy to overlook yourself and very easy to extinguish your own light while you build others. Don't do it anymore. Take time for yourself each day to grow your own light, do something that is just for you and then leave the guilt behind because it is much deserved!


  1. I was on my out yesterday to go to some restaurant. It was my day off and I hadnt put any make up on BUT I had just read this post. Standing in the mirror looking at myself I decided that MY BEAUTY IS LIGHT INSIDE OF ME!! Thank you for this lovely thought. Putting into words what every woman should know about themsleves.

  2. @Jenna I'm so glad that this touched you. It humbles me beyond belief that people are reading my words and that this helped you in anyway. Thanks for stopping by!