Monday, September 24, 2012

If you were wondering

If you were wondering if you should immediately clean up the feather pillow that your dog chewed up or wait a couple of days to clean it up, you should definitely clean it up immediately. It just so happens that if you wait 2-4 days before cleaning up the mess, you will actually have a bigger mess. Mostly because your dog will continue to play in the feathers and then she might call her cousin to have a dog play day and then both of the dogs will be playing in it.Then the mess could potentially go from being contained in the playroom to being all over your house. And then it may or may not take you 60 minutes of vacuuming on your hands and knees, while your dog just lays there watching you, to get it all cleaned up. It turns out that those little white fluffy suckers are a lot harder to vacuum up than you might have thought.