Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Inspiration

As a writer, I have constant ideas and words running through my head at any given time. Sometimes they come out in more formal sentences, sometimes as just words on scrap pieces of paper and sometimes they come out as poems. I started writing when I was 8 because my aunt Brooke gave me a journal for my birthday. She told me that my grandma Doris, whom I adored, use to keep a daily journal. At first I started writing because I wanted to do something that my grandma used to do but it soon turned into an obsession and an outlet. I grew up in a chaotic world and writing soon became my only way to escape and "get out" what was inside of me. Until recently, writing has been a deeply personal venture but I am learning that sharing what I love with all of you, is so much more rewarding. This poem literally fell to my feet the other day as I was going through some old journals. I had forgotten about it but thought that I might share something different on here. Something that shows you a bit more about me. It's a poem about writing and how it inspires me.

My Inspiration
Writing –
The moment that pen touches paper
My soul exposed
The floodgates of my heart open – pour out of me and through my pen
Onto paper
Complete vulnerability
Moments of confusion untangled and manageable through written word
Once a soul on fire – in a moment’s stroke of a pen
Gaining higher meaning of myself – raw – real emotions
Love, pain, anger and fear
Are all spoken here
Ill emotions not need be said
Evaporated – once put into prose
My day and each past hurt
Never to be judged, criticized, or abandoned
My therapy
I write
Word by word
Breathe life back into myself
My soul undefeated
Searching for meaning – needing clarity – 
I surrender to my pen and
I am found

What inspires you? What feeds your souls and gives you complete joy? If you have already found it, I would love for you to share what that is. If you're not sure, I encourage you to take some time to think about it, figure it out and then do what inspires you as often as you can. 


  1. reading,writing and dance inspire me:)

  2. @Satterlees I love that you love reading. People don't do enough of it anymore!

  3. What feeds my soul right now is running. It is the only time I can clear my thoughts.

  4. My inspiration is actually my work. I work for a non-prof and it is my passion.

  5. @Sandra I wish that I could love running...I really do! I've tried several times to no avail. It does make me happy to know that someone out there can love it. Good for you!

    @Candice that is fantastic that you can get paid to do what you love everyday. We should all strive for that :)