Friday, October 5, 2012


I realize that I am an "all or nothing" type of person. I am either rockin' it or completely unraveling. My house is either spotless or a huge mess. I'm either working out consistently or not at all. I'm either consciously eating or not caring at all. I live in these extremes and I'm becoming less and less fond of them. The other day when I was sitting in mediation during a yoga class, I realized that life and my physical body are not naturally made to be in a place of extreme. In our most natural state we are peaceful, whole and conscious beings. We are the ones who place the extra into our lives. This extra then shifts us into an extreme place of living. I am always striving to be in a place of balance but I now realize that I was looking at it all wrong. Balance isn't a penultimate place of being, it is our natural state. It is a place that we can easily achieve if we will let go of the excess crap that keeps us in these extremes. We are the ones that let the extra noise into our lives and it is that noise that takes us away from being balanced. We over extend ourselves because we fear saying "no" to people and obligations. We keep busy, finding a million things to do rather than just sitting and enjoying ourselves and our families. We buy into society's expectations of us to be more, buy more, have more. This is not happiness, and this is not balance. Balance is a place of accepting ourselves fully and being flexible to changes. It is about letting go of all the distractions and then examining what state our lives and relationships are really in. It is about looking inward instead of outward for fulfillment. Once we are able to get to this place of inward peace and let go of the distractions, it is there that we will find energy to do the daily tasks that are necessary. 
We will find balance to be a place of energy and abundance. 
It is a place that is already within us, we just need to quite all of the noise that we place around us, 
take a deep breath and settle into our natural state of being. 
Balance is our natural state of being. 

We must be strong and upright like the palm tree, swaying every so gently in the breeze, but unaffected by the waves crashing around us, 
always reaching upward towards the rays of the sun,
and planted firm in exactly where we are supposed to be -RKG


  1. Wow, something to think about. I like the perspective. I think that this is so true. I'm like that also, all or nothing. It can be hard to juggle it all as a mom. I like the idea of looking inward for balance instead balance being something that you are looking for.

  2. @Rebecca I find the best time that I can stop all of the chaos and look inward is yoga. I have carved out that little space of time for myself to calm the noise. There are lots of other ways to go about it also. The first step is just making the time to do it!