Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Making Fabric into Art

I had this conga (piece of fabric) that I got when we were on the coast in Kenya. I wanted to put it up in the kids' play room but when I did, it looked like a college boys dorm room. It was flimsy and kind of just hung there on thumbtacks waiting for a black light poster of Jimi Hendrix to be put next to it. So instead of turning my kids' play room into a college boys dream, I decided to try out an idea my mama had told me about. It took me a while to round up all of the supplies and actually make it (laziness on my part) although, making it literally took five minutes once I had all of the materials. It was easy, cheap and now the fabric art hangs proudly in the playroom as a reminder of my kids' Kenyan heritage, instead of a nostalgic attempt to cover wall space.

Here is what you'll need:
*A piece of fabric - any size
*Measure the top and bottom of the fabric - then get wood the same length, most home improvement stores will cut wood to a length that you need.
*A sawtooth hanger
*Nail gun

 Sawtooth Hanger

  Measure the entire length of the wood, then divide by 2. 
That's where you put the sawtooth hanger so that it hangs straight.

 Now, start with the top of the fabric, fold it just a bit over the wood and then begin to staple every six inches or so.

 Continue doing that across the entire top of the fabric. 

 Make sure to take your camera with you when you need to get up to go the the bathroom mid project to avoid any unwanted 
tow mater pictures on your camera.

 Do the same thing that you did on the top to the bottom. Only this time you will have to turn the fabric over and put some additional nails in the front of the fabric so that it is secured to the wood.

 Take a nail and hammer it into the wall.

 Hang that baby up and admire your new piece of artwork!


  1. What a great idea! You must have a great mom1

  2. @anonymous I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you are my mom! And I do think you're great :)

  3. @Mandi I'm glad you found it useful!