Monday, November 12, 2012

The Truth

Listen to this song, read the lyrics as you listen, 
and then I want to chat about it: 

I've heard this song before, in my younger days, and then it came on good 'ol Pandora recently and I was reminded as to what a great song it is. As I listened to it again and again, it started the wheels turning in my head. I meet a lot of stay at home moms these days and I realized that there is, generally, a reoccurring theme amongst us. We all (for the most part) adore our husbands. This is probably because we realize the blessing that our husbands are giving us and we realize that it is a privileged to be able to stay home with our children. We realize that we wouldn't be able to stay at home if it wasn't for them. Also, the kind of man that works his ass off so his wife can stay home with his kids, is more likely than not, a quality man.

The one struggle that I see women having with this, is that they feel as though they fall short to the accomplishments of their husbands. He has a really great job, or he's working two jobs, he's getting promotions, he has to travel a lot for his job, he has huge projects that he is in charge of, and he gets recognition for all of his great accomplishments. These are all things that I hear from other stay at homers. I am always a bit surprised by the sort of melancholy that sets in as they describe how great their significant others are. It's almost as if we are proud and (rightfully) bragging about the greatness of our partner but at the same time feeling lesser because our day to day life isn't outwardly as impressive or exciting as theirs.

When feeling this way, I encourage you to remember that you are doing an important job, although you might not get as much recognition. The job of mother is the most important job on this planet so take comfort in knowing that you have been chosen to fulfill life's greatest calling. I would also like you to consider the notion that if your husband is great than it is because he makes great choices. And it's not a stretch to say that he also made a great choice in choosing to dedicate his life to you. You are a reflection of him, so as the song goes, "you must be fly". It is rare to find a great man who hasn't also chosen a great woman to share his life with. So take comfort in knowing that the greatness in your family is not just in your husband, but that it also lies in you. Know that although his job is a tangible recognition of achievements, your job is equally important. Remind yourself that if, "If I am a reflection of him, then I must be fly because his light shines so bright." Remember that he fell in love with you, flaws and all. And that you are great in your own right beyond measure. 

Here's a little throw back engagement picture. 
I love him more today than I did in that picture and at that time, 
I didn't think that was possible.  


  1. So incredibly true. I needed to read this today.

  2. @anonymous I love it when you read something that hits home...glad this could be it for you today!

  3. I'm sure there is a mother out there that could not be prouder of the wife and mother you are. Thank you for sharing your love and passion with the world. It is a better place because of YOU!

  4. @Anonymous Your comments means a lot. It is always reassuring as a writer to put your thoughts out there and have them be well received. Thank you for commenting and I do like to think that my mom is proud of me :)