Friday, November 16, 2012

This I Believe

I believe that silence is deafening. And I hear silence everywhere.
I hear it in the clicking of the keyboard.
I hear it in the tap, tap, tapping of OMG’s and TTLY’s.
I hear it in libraries full of books not being checked out.
I hear it in classrooms – blank stares – with screens full of Facebook.
The silence becomes louder.
I hear it at empty dinner tables.
I hear it in headphones – music on – do not disturb me.
 I hear it in the backs of minivans – with kids hooked up to DVD’s.
I hear it in park swings - back and forth in the wind.
I hear it in houses with T.V.’s blaring – only two more hours on your DS-I.
The silence becomes louder.
I hear it in cars crashing because of texting.
I hear it in hospitals with no visitors.
I hear it in bedrooms waiting to fall asleep to YouTube. 
I hear it in childless backyards.
I hear it in fifty percent of marriages failing.
It becomes louder.
I hear it in high school kids dying to be bullied.
I hear it in the awkward checking of cell phones saying - 
please do not engage with me.  
I hear it in three fourths of voting booths empty.  
I hear silence everywhere and it’s consuming each one of us. Taking away our voices and creating us noiseless. And it’s happening without us knowing because we are unaware. We are oblivious to the fact that the volume is being turned up so loud - that it is killing our ability to connect un-wirelessly. You see, we are so preoccupied with all of this silence that we don’t realize that it is taking us out of humanity, one by one. Taking us away from the people we love and the life that we once knew.  Then one day we look up to find that we are alone, by ourselves, surrounded by unfamiliar circumstances. Life has passed us by and we were unconscious to it all- because we were glued to the silence.
So some might say that silence is golden but
I believe that silence is creating us all involuntarily deaf.


  1. Wow, this goes deep....Did you write this?

  2. @Kenna I did indeed write that. I'm a poet and ya'll didn't even know it did ya?! Thanks for commenting :)

  3. @Satterlees Glad we're on the same page :)