Friday, January 11, 2013

In My Daughter’s Eyes

In my daughter’s eyes I am perfect
In her eyes I am the impression of what it is to be a woman
In her eyes I can do no wrong

I am love

I am care

 I am exemplar

In my daughter’s eye I see myself
No Black or White just a better version of me
I see me in her laugh and in her tears
In her fiery rage and in her compassion
In her - I am perfect

I am laughter

I am fear

I am passion

In my daughter’s eyes I see the world
It is hers for the taking
I see endless possibilities
I see the only thing holding her back is me
As model of women I teach her how to see
I teach her how it is to be

I am prototype

I am image

I am creator of dreams

In my daughter’s eyes I see a protracted path not yet traveled
I see her gazing to me at the curves and forks
Wondering which path to take
Remembering what she saw in me

Was I humble

Was I valor

Was I strong

In my daughter’s eyes I see the ability to mold a new generation of women
Teach by example instead of consequence
Learn love instead of hate
Breed kindness and stability
Ingrain worth
I want my daughter to learn that she is more

She is more than a body

She is more than effects

She is more than a liability

In my daughter’s eyes I see possibility
Prospect to change the world one being at a time
Ability to lead by example and instill new ideas
Thoughts of women as perfect
Not needing to be altered

Or exploited

Or abused

Or accommodated

My daughter’s eyes and mine will become one
The revolution will start with me and be lived through her
I will inspire a new reality for women

Break barriers

Break mindsets

Break molds

Through my eyes of change
She will emerge
Setting a new standard for all to adhere
Changing the ideas of all who encounter her
Knowing different she’ll be solid in her tracks
Spreading knowledge of a new women on Earth

One who defines her own passage

One who relates transformation

One who is consciousness

 One who embodies love

One who sheds all traditional function

One who is empowered to never settle for less

One who is magnificence simply because she is women and not needing anything else


  1. I've read this a couple of times and I get more and more from it each time I read.

  2. @Angela I'm glad. Poems are meant to have more meaning the more that you read them!

    @Mel :)