Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Intuition according to Merriam-Webster means: the power of attaining direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought or immediate apprehension. Ideally humans were given intuition to sense danger. Primly we were given this sense to tell if something was going to harm us or our families. And you’ve heard of mother’s intuition right? It’s this unknown force that is given to mothers to protect their babies. It’s how you can see your baby falling out of the corner of your eye and somehow manage to turn around, and run across the room in time to catch her. When we listen to our intuition, powerful things can happen. 

Yesterday, where I live, there was a big snow storm. What usually takes me thirty minutes to drive to drop off Kaya, took me one and a half hours. We were running late, we got in the car and began driving down the same road that we do every day to get to the freeway. As I pulled out of our subdivision I noticed that the sunrise was magnificent. I kept commenting to my kids about how beautiful it was. As I passed a farm the sunrise was shinning brilliantly over a pasture and I had the urge to stop and take a photo of it. Now stopping and taking photos of things isn’t uncommon for me (hello Instagram) but I only stop when I have the time and yesterday I didn’t have the time. As I was about to come to the end of the pasture, again, I had the thought that I should really stop and capture this picture. Although hesitant, I did it. As I took the picture a white PT Cruiser passed by me. I took two more pictures, then felt like I should just go ahead and Instagram it while I was pulled off the road and then got back to driving. As I came up to the next intersection, there was a car crash. A car driving in the opposite direction had lost control and sideswiped a white PT Cruiser, the same PT Cruiser that passed me as I pulled over to take the picture of the sunrise. My heart sank as I drove by it. That could have been me. If I wouldn't have pulled over, I would have been in that intersection at that time. Lucky, if there is luck in this situation, it was right in front of a fire station so help was right there. The thought of the tables being turned reminded me of how important it is to follow your gut.

We never know what our intuition is telling us or why we feel pulled in a certain direction. We have been told to rule with our heads over our hearts and that if we do follow our hearts, we are some kind of wayward dreamer. I would like to suggest that we got back to intuition. Go back to following that feeling of immediate apprehension and let go of the thought that we must have evident rational thought to be able to give into something. Sometimes there is a force bigger than us at work and when we learn to accept and follow that energy, the outcome can be significant. 


  1. That is a beautiful sunrise...glad you stopped!

  2. This is great. I agree!

  3. @Amy Just a reminder that stopping to smell the roses or take a picture of a sunrise can be beneficial.

    @Mandy I'm glad we're on the same page :)

  4. So true I love what you wrote at the end about a stronger force.

  5. @Satterlees I'm glad you liked that. I'm not the religious type but I can acknowledge that there is a bigger and stronger force than us here at work on this planet :)