Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to Cure Dog Allergies Naturally

About six months ago my dog (Kit) started to get allergies. She got bumps all over her body and her eyes started swelling, her ears became red, her paws were red and bumpy in between her toes and she was itching like crazy! Well she looked like this actually...

I took her to the vet and 200 dollars later they told me that she had severe allergies and she needed to be on two medications, an ear disinfectant, pads to wipe in between her toes, and a gel to put on her coat everyday. She was miserable at the time so I paid $200 for all of the recommended products and drove home with her. On the way home I started thinking about the side effects of these drugs. One of them was a steroid which has bad long term effects on dogs. And then it hit me that if I use herbs to heal myself and family why not give it a try on my dog?! So I made a turn and headed to a local pet food store to see what they had in way of supplements. There were a few things that I knew from doing my own countless hours of research on herbs. One was that if the colon is at all backed up, human or dog, you're going to have problems. Second was that my dog was on a really good food already but my thought was that she might not be getting enough proper fats. This can makes it so that dogs and people don't digest properly and thus aiding in the problem of a backed up digestive tract and exacerbating the allergy. Once at the store these are the supplements that I ended up putting her on from left to right.

1. NaturVet Digestive Support - This is a dog probiotic. It aids in cleaning out the digestive tract and eliminating any waste that could be causing a toxic build up, thus creating allergies.

2. Dr. Goodpet Scratch Free - This was a more immediate relief to her itching and scratching.

3. Natur Vet Omega Gel Caps - These are proper fats by way of Vitamin E and Omega 3's. This helps with food digestion and also with skin, and coat. It is very soothing to the system when there is itching involved.

4. Ark Naturals Happy Traveler -  I love this stuff and use it still after the allergies have gone. It is valerian, Camomile, and St. John's Wort. This was just basically so she would chill the heck out so that the other supplements could do there job. It does this by reducing stress and it calms the nervous system.

The best way to give a dog a pill is to dip it in peanut butter. They will lick it up and not even know what you're doing! Within a couple of days the itching lessen. After four weeks of consistently giving her these supplements, as recommended on the bottles, the allergies started to slowly disappear. And after six weeks they were completely gone! Then at six weeks I slowly weaned her back off of them and haven't had any issues since. Herbs work people and you don't have to worry about your dog dying from some weird side effect. Win win right? Also the total of all these supplements was around $40 for a long term solution versus $200 for a treatment with no end in sight and serious side effects. I'll take the $40 thanks! Here's what the little lady looks like now...cured and annoyed that I woke her up to take a picture.

On another topic, I've decided to make it easier on ya'll. If I recommend or write about something great in my posts, I will also put it up on my Amazon store. This will save you the trouble of having to write things down and then have to search for it online or at a store. So if you like something you read about, you can pop on Amazon, buy it and try it out for yourself! I've put up these doggie supplements on The Revolution of the Stay at Home Mom's Amazon store. You can find it on the right side bar. I also put the homemade chest rub up on there, if you missed that post check it out here!


  1. I found your blog randomly but soooo needed to read this today! I'm going to try it with my dog. And the Amazon store is pretty cool, made it super easy :) Thanks a milli for this :)