Monday, July 1, 2013

Tiki Torches Out of Recycled Bottles

Make your own tiki torches!
 You can get all of these supplies at a hardware store for less than $20!

What you'll need:
Glass bottles
Copper Coupling - found in the plumbing section
Thread Seal Tape - also found in the plumbing section
Tiki Wicks
Torch Fuel

 I saved bottles for a while for this project. I saved bottles that had particular meaning.
The  Krest bottles are from Kenya, the le village was from a friend etc.

 Coupling, thread seal tape and tiki wicks.

  This is the best size for bottle torches. 1/2 by 3/8.

 Fill your bottles about 3/4 full of the torch fuel. 
When you add the wick's it will over flow if you add too much!

 Take this little guy.

 Wrap it with the thread seal tape. 
Use as much or as little as you need to create a snug fit in the top of the bottle.

 Once you have tested to make sure the the coupling doesn't fall into the bottle, add the wick up through the coupling.

 Put it in the's just that easy!

 This was a bottle of scotch that I bought the husband when he graduated many moons ago. 
I'm awesome (a weirdo) and save things like this.

 I used the bottle torches for some lanterns that I had and the rest to decorate the patio table.

 Once I had the supplies from start to finish this took me 10 minutes to do 8+ bottles. 
Super easy!

My favorite one!

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