Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm baaaaack!

Hello internet world. It has been far too long since we've last been together. So much has changed in my life but we will get to that later. Over the last year or more I've done much reflecting as I always tend to do about my life and also about blogging. Aside from the fact that my life was cray cray busy and that I needed to finish up yoga school, I was also a bit burnt out on the blogging front. Blogging and writing publicly, in general, is an interesting trichotomy. In blogging, there is a lot of giving on the writers part, with most times very little interaction from the reader. I feel like if I'm going to jump back into blogging bed with all of you, I need to address a few points. Here is what I have been contemplating in three shortish points.

One - When you are blogging or a writer you are only showing one side of yourself. This is usually the best side, although in some blogs it is the worse side and then you ending up judging them and continually reading for the sheer shock factor that is their life. Anyways...my point is that it is hard to show yourself as the multifaceted person when blogging. It's hard to show the good, the bad and the in between all while trying to deliver a message. I was having a hard time with people thinking that I have this perfect life, which I really don't or being shocked that I would share personal information.  I don't ever want to create an environment similarly to how you feel after seeing a "friends" Caribbean vacation photos on Facebook. I want each reader to click away from my blog feeling better or at least challenged to examine their lives further, after reading my posts. So in my new and refreshed blogging self, I will continue to write about my life and issues that are important to me. I will be true to myself and you will always remember that I'm a human who is not perfect.

Second - I live in a very conservative state and city and also came from a conservative family (with a few exceptions). I heard my state called an ultra conservative sect in the union on NPR the other day. I'm not saying that I affiliate to any particular party but what I can say is that I'm definitely not the norm or mainstream in my community. When you've not the norm you learn to not say certain things or display in certain ways because it's not congruent to the "mainstream" ideals of your community. I've recently let go of this way of thinking and feeling. I feel that in prior blogging I was always conscious of who might be reading my posts and what they might think of me. I'm not doing that anymore. I promise to be my unfiltered self. If this offends you, I'm sorry that I'm not sorry, there are plenty of other blogs for you to read.

Thirdly - Yet most importantly. Blogging can be lonely - yes lonely. I feel as though I would write and write then see that you all come on here to read what I write but I really wasn't feeling the love people! Don't be a lurker - be a supporter of any blog that you read. I would love for this to be a forum of discussion and reader input. So here's the situation - I'll come back to blogging (thank you for all of the emails and prompts to get back on here by the way!) if you show some love. This means commenting, emailing, sharing or liking on Facebook - whatever you feel prompted to do. There are share buttons for various social media forums at the bottom of each post. But my dear internet friends this must be a two way relationship. I'll share my tidbits of life and you help spread it out into the world. Fair? Fair.


  1. You go girl! Get your unfilter on! Can't wait to start reading. I am so, so happy for you!

  2. Yea!!! SO glad you're back!

  3. @Niky Thank you so much lady!

    @Michelle It's good to be back I've missed writing!

    @Anonymous :)