Saturday, March 18, 2017

To The Creators

Creatives are oftentimes misunderstood - they are not meant to be understood but rather keepers of understanding
They are life hood interpreters - meant to grate against the ordinary in an attempt to make it a shinier even a slight past less dull.

At birth they are given creative colored glasses through which to see the world
Able to wade through the superficial and connect with the real
Able to create so that others might feel the sensation of a situation
Able to taste the magnitude of a manipulation
See a waterfall without vision 
Hear drum beats during intermission
Feel magic where others see a rainbow

Growing up this way – in this feeling of magic sort of way - they're often told that they are
Too much
Too loud
Too bright
Too energetic
Too exuberant

And so begins the involuntary quest of becoming conditioned. Convincing one’s self that there must be a dulling of presence so as to not upset the ordinary. But the conditioning – the pruning back - kills off the very purpose of a creative existence. Creatives were never meant to occur in the same box as the normal. Never meant for the same path as the ordinary.

They're here to bring up and out the honesty of life –
to give voices to feelings
to interpret the meaning of occurrences
to offer a tangible glimpses into the messy, conflicting, and candid moments of life through their art.

This path of the creative will not be easy.

Many creatives have been called to create so out of the box that those who are in the box will be left with staggering wonder at the sight of this creative life.
This wonder will have purpose. It will lead the ordinary towards inspiration. Inspiration will create small shifts in perspective. Perspective changes leading to the pondering of alternate possibilities for their in the box lives.

Some of have been called to be contradictory, vibrant, peculiar, intense, and all other things that the normal will find unpleasant.
They are called in this way so to shine a light on and draw palpable parallels between the states of our collective existence.

When you are called to this place – to this creative place - you must go.
Go live and create freely with an odd out of the box jubilance.

If you don’t - you’ll risk living a life attempting to be satiated by standards that are not inherently your own.
If you don’t - you will live a life of everlasting attempts to stuff yourself into the normal carton and you’ll never fit.
If you don’t - you’ll suffer side effects of everlasting longing for a life less congealed.

So hear this now and GO
If in this prose you find feeling rather than reading GO
Reject permission 
Set yourself free.
Open up your wings
And then take flight
Jump into the unknown abyss of creating
Own your art  
Soar above the common calling to be the same
Soar and don’t look down.

Resist the urge to be afraid of your own creations.
Your calling - your art is often what you are most afraid of. Most will be too frightened by their own ideas to uncloak them for the World to see. Your own brilliance - your own realness will be frightening and not only to you but also to the people around you. Resist this.

Instead –

You must stay out of the box while extending life lines of feeling into the normal.
You must uncloak yourself, step out of the darkness, and into the light.
Your brilliance, your realness, and your tragedies - those are your strengths- draw from them.

See the world as it is – beautiful, vibrant, passionate but at times painfully dark and horrible.
Interpret these extremes and all the catalysts in between through your creations.
You are a translator with a calling to infuse life’s meanings into your creations
Your words
Your art
Your music

In each movement you must create so that others might feel
Create from this place and don’t ever look back.

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