My biggest hope in writing on this blog is that readers might feel empowered - that readers might feel sparked into action and thought in applicable ways regarding their own situations. I hope to illuminate my own issues and life lessons so that readers might find a common place within their own lives. We are all a lot more alike than we are different. We are amazing creatures that each bring a unique set of gifts into this World. I hope that this blog gives people a place to come and find inspiration. Most of all I want this to be a place of sharing of different perspectives and insights. A safe place to ask questions and a place of growth for all people. A place where we can come together to recharge and then go out into the World and share our gifts, creativity, and uniqueness.

 Second, I have struggled with my health and happiness (and still do). In recent years I have come to learn a great deal about natural health, the body, and the spirit. My hope is to bring attainable natural health nudges to the average person. When I first got into natural healing, it was all so overwhelming. I want to give small and digestible tid-bits of information to people in hopes that they can change their lives and their health with small life adjustments if they so wish. One of my favorites quotes is by Maya Angelou, "When you know better, you do better". I want to share easy ways to "do better" in your life and with your kids so that people can heal themselves and their families from the inside out.  

Lastly, I consider myself a creative person yet this has been something that I have denied myself over the years. We are all creative people actually and this creative being is something that I'm ready to claim and live in. I'm a writer, a poet, and a yogi - these are the sources of my creativity and art. I want to share that creative art in hopes of inspiration and  collective musing. 


  1. It is refreshing to see such honesty in your writing, Rachael! Motherhood is not easy, and so often we expect too much from ourselves & neglect to appreciate ourselves for the demanding yet rewarding work we do each & every day.

    1. Hi Tammy! I'm glad that you appreciate my honesty and are getting something from my writing. That is my only wish is this blog, that other mothers can relate to what I write about :) Thanks for commenting!